Are you frustrated with the circumstances of your life?


Does it feel like no matter what you do, nothing seems to be working?


 Do you often put others' needs ahead of your own?


Do you find it difficult to find balance with yourself and your relationships?


Do you feel undeserving of the good things in your life?


Is practicing self-love difficult for you?


Are you tired of holding yourself back?

Are you ready to take back control in your life?


If you answered yes to any of these questions,


Roxy Talks 

Heal & Transform: Mind, Body and Soul

5-In-1 Mentality Makeover Workshop Audio Bundle


Take Them Off The Pedestal: Get Your Summer Crush

2 hour audio recording featuring live coaching, meditations and exercises to restore the power dynamics of your relationship + workshop group chat log


Self Love & Deep Connection - with Group Support Session

Over 2 hours of audio recording centered around connecting to yourself in the most loving ways with group connection and coaching + workshop group chat log


Fu@k the Bull$hit: Letting It All Go

Over 2 hours of audio recording designed to show you exactly what letting go looks, sounds and feels like, with group scripting and live coaching + workshop group chat log


Scripting Bundle

4+ hours of audio recordings with live scripting coaching and revision, a mini-lesson from my 30 Days of Alignment Bootcamp, and an exclusive scripting module from our best selling course: The Manifest A Specific Person Workshop!




Mental Diet Workshop  (Unavailable Anywhere Else!)

Over 5 hours of audio recordings featuring interactive group coaching & in depth Q&A guided by Roxy + Exclusive Alignment Affirmations mp3 + Download of Roxy's affirmations album "Frequencies"

If you aren’t living the exact life you’ve always dreamed of, what’s stopping you?




It's time to take responsibility and take action. The world has taught you to doubt yourself, but that time has ended. Make the stand and do what it takes to live in your ideal reality RIGHT NOW.





Finally realize your incredible worth, so that you may shift the power dynamic of your relationships and manifest your ideal partner


Tap into the infinite love and acceptance currently coursing through your veins and connect with others who will show you your true, magnificent nature


 Learn how to fully LET GO of what holds you back. Your fears, your past, your insecurities, doubts and your supposed flaws are no match for a conscious mind!


Figure out what You are doing to stop the flow of your manifestation, and how to get yourself onto a strict Mental Diet that will allow your desires to flow easily to you!


Speed up the process of manifestation with the incredible power of Scripting. Be the author of your own story so you can live the life you CHOOSE!


Take Them Off The Pedestal: Get Your Summer Crush!

In this workshop we’re getting to the heart of why your relationship has you feeling less than deserving. You are worthy of experiencing the greatest love of your life. The best relationships are built on trust, understanding, dedication, mutual respect and, of course, a deep connection. Change your self-concept and change the dynamic of your relationship. Your crush is waiting...


Self Love & Deep Connection - with Group Support Session

There’s something majorly missing in this world, and it's a substantial lack of self-appreciation among individuals. Most of us find ourselves struggling under the weight of the pressures of our lives. Forgetting all the while that, not only did we come to earth to live a wonderful life, but that we are ultimately possessed with the infinite power of the cosmos, harnessing the ability to create any life we can fathom. It’s your time.


Fu@k the Bull$hit: Letting It All Go

Are you ready to let it all go? What you’ve been holding onto from the past is old programming, continuing to poison you in your present day life. You do not have to define yourself in the ways you always have. You CAN dissociate from the notions that allow negativity to fester in your life. This workshop will help you truly let go and finally move on. Shed the old life, and face a new one! It’s a brand new day!


Mental Diet Workshop

Your mental diet is the ONE THING that is creating your 3D surroundings! Focusing on selective consciousness, maintaining a positive mindset, and controlling your negative self-talk is crucial to mastering your reality. Everything you experience is a reflection of the way you treat yourself, how you speak to yourself, and how you speak about life. Nothing is more important than what you are doing with your mind at any given moment!


Scripting Bundle

The perfect toolkit to help you manifest ANYTHING you desire. Scripting is incredibly powerful and is one of my daily, no-excuses, must-do every night tasks. It has transformed my life and is an extremely fun and simple way to manifest what you truly desire. You're in the fast lane to success now!


So why should you buy it?

Each one of these game-changing recordings are powerful on their own, but combined give you the most incredible advantage of tackling ANY issue that may arise on your path to true fulfillment in life. 

In this bundle you’ll receive downloadable audio recordings from 5 of Roxy’s incredible Live Workshops:


Take Them Off The Pedestal: Get Your Summer Crush!

Self Love & Deep Connection - with Group Support Session

Fu@k the Bull$hit: Letting It All Go

Scripting Bundle

Mental Diet Workshop


All for the price of $222! 




That’s only $44 per workshop, totaling 15 hours of recorded live teachings, coaching, meditations, visualizations, affirmations, journaling and more! 


Unbeatable price aside, this bundle is the perfect way to reinvigorate your journey of healing and transforming your mentality. Start making the necessary changes in your life NOW!


Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself. You have the power to eliminate the obstacles blocking you from your happiness. You are a beautiful creation, love surrounds you now! Let me show you how to allow it into your life...


Are you ready?

I'm Roxy, I'm a Mindset and Manifestation Coach!

I speak to hundreds of people every single week who are looking for a solution to their biggest issues. I’ve centered these three workshops upon the most commonly experienced problems occurring in the lives of so many people around the world.


My goal is to have you walk away with more clarity and insight than you have ever had regarding your personal circumstances. You will also develop a customized roadmap guiding you towards your goal!

The only limitations are the ones you place on yourself!

Purchase the Heal & Transform Bundle!

Get access to all 3 recordings!

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