Release resistance, master your manifesting power, & align with everything you want in life.


Get access to 30 Days of guidance with a month's worth of daily, easy-to-digest, mini video lessons that lead you on the path of total alignment with your Truest and Highest Self. Aligning with your Highest Self means you are able to stop resisting and experience all of the good things you have manifested for yourself. Peace, love, positivity and abundance await!

Dreamers and Soul Searchers!


Welcome to 30 Days of Alignment. I have created this bootcamp to help you stay on track like never before!


The aim of these 30 days is to get you back into alignment so you can achieve clarity and love with comfort and ease.


You are here to live the most awesome version of your life. Give yourself this time of focus and don't hold back!


You deserve all of the riches this world has to offer. You are so worth every ounce of goodness coming to you!


This 4 weeks will open your mind like never before.

A must have!


"This is the perfect supplement to my work in the manifestation field. It's details like this that help refine me into the best version of me. Even being as conscious as possible to stay on top of my thoughts, I still slip up! Having the daily reminders sent straight to my inbox is sooo helpful because it gives me one thing at a time to focus on. And it all compounds and builds momentum! I am stronger because of this! Thank you Roxy!"

- Ryland

Helped me fix my mindset!


"The 30 days of alignment helped me fix my mindset when it came to my career and life as a whole. I thought I had no control over what was going on in my life and the 30 days of alignment helped put things into perspective.


I learned to have fun with my manifestations, keep a journal, be more grateful and have an abundant, healthy, happy whole lifestyle.


I couldn't be more grateful for it and I know with 100% certainty that the life that I want is already here and mine or something extremely great will come instead!"

- Dena

This challenge is going amazing!


"Day 6 brought me the biggest breakthrough and helped me pinpoint where I had my lack mindset and where my worries were regarding money.


Within the next hour I sold my painting for $1100 I was originally going to sell it for $200 but I was like NO WAY I’m worth so much more. Honestly I could’ve sold it for way more but one step leads to another and now I know how easily I attract money into my life just by doing what I love and believing in myself. Thank you Roxy!"

- Dena



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